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Review from Kristen for fertilizing her home in Taylorsville Utah.Kristen Davis
Taylorsville, UT

They are a great company and very professional. I signed up with them this year and I wish I had done it way sooner. They do the lawn mowing and the steps of fertilizer and my lawn has never looked better.

Scott's review of Lawncare MVP for his fertilizer job in Sandy, UT.Scott
Sandy, UT

Our properties have never looked better. Whatever they are using as fertilizer is working great. Weed free and lush green! We have been very pleased with Lawn Care MVPs service and results.

Review from Bryan about lawn care mvp mowing services at his home in West Jordan.Bryan Kempff
West Jordan, UT

Every week I come home to a perfectly manicured lawn! Tried a couple other companies and this one is hand down the best! I look forward to using their other service in the fall.

Krista's review of Lawn Care MVP mowing service.Krista Murry
Riverton, UT

Riverton, UT
My fence gate got damaged one week and since it was already in poor condition, I didn't bother to say anything about it until a crew last week had trouble getting in. I mentioned it and they said they would report it, and I thought nothing more of it. I went to Lowe's and bought all the parts to repair it, and the next morning a crew was out fixing it. I really appreciate that. That's the kind of service that pays off. Thanks, Chris!

Review from your mom for mowing services in their home in Salt Lake City Utah.Your Mom
Salt Lake City, UT

I have used a "pretty pricey' lawn care service for years! They finely priced themselves right out of my budget!!! Thank Goodness , I am Soooo Pleased with MVP service!! My lawn looks better than it has IN YEARS! Thank you Guys -- You make me HAPPY!!!

Review from your mom for mowing services in their home in Salt Lake City Utah.Krysta Anderson
West Jordan, UT

Great service from MVP, we loved having them take care of our yard, prompt, quick and customer service is amazing!

Magen's review of Lawn Care MVP's sprinker service for her home in Draper, UT.Magen
Draper, UT

We have been using Lawn Care MVP all year and he's been doing a great job taking care of our yard. He's also helped us a lot at the beginning of the year fix all of our sprinkler problems.

User ReviewNicole D.
Murray, UT

My yard always looks so good because of Lawn Care MVP. Always taking really good care of my lawn. It always looks so fresh, green and healthy. I recommended them to all my friends and will always use them for my lawn services.

User ReviewKelly Holford
Salt Lake City, UT

They have been out twice so far and we have been very pleased! We also love that they will pick up the dog poop for a small fee as well. Would for sure recommend them!

User ReviewMatthew Davis
South Jordan, UT

I had surgery on my foot and could not get out to take care of my yard and it made me sad because I feel like I keep a pretty nice yard and it looked bad. I don't remember the name of the name of the guy that came to do my yard but he did an amazing job and now my yard looks better than when I take care of it. I really appreciate the time that was taken to make my yard look great again. If I ever need a yard service again I will definitely be using Lawn Care MVP again.

Karen's review of Lawn Care MVP's flower bed mulch at her home in Kearns, UT.Karen
Kearns, UT

Lawn Care MVP has done such a great job on keeping my yard looking amazing! I have them take care of all my rental properties and refer all my Real Estate clients to them. I would never think of using anyone else. I've had other companies in the past that would not show up when they were supposed to and wouldn't return my calls and at least 2 times left my gate open and my dogs got out. I give Lawn Care MVP 5 stars. Always calling me back and always shuts my gates and keeps me up on what is best for the season. I always get compliments from friends and neighbors on how great my yard looks. Thanks for everything!

Amilee review of Lawn Care MVP hedge trimming services for their West Jodan, UT home.Amilee Selfridge
West Jodan, UT

I am very happy with the work Lawn Care MVP has completed for me. I needed a yard clean up done. They were very quick to get back with me and very quick to get me scheduled. They were very professional and friendly. The work they did was very good too. My yard looks great. I would use them again for all my needs and recommend them to others.

Review from Dianne about sprinkler repair for her home in Magna, Utah.Dianne Martinez
Magna, UT

We do not have a sprinkler system so we were doing everything by hand twice a day, it was exhausting, our lawn still looked dull and we had weeds growing. Did alot of research on how much water the lawn needed & what weed products were safe for humans and pets to the point I was neglecting other things that needed to be done. I then started researching Lawn Companies and found Lawn Care MVP. Originally I just wanted to have the lawn aerated until Nick came over and spent time with me explaining that they now make sprinkler systems on timers that connect to the spout for the watering & other tips. He was so personable that after he left I called the office to get on their program for weed control and fertilizing and that's when Angie, the angel that she is, also took time to explain even more to me. Never once did I feel I was being a nuisance with all the questions I had. I don't have to water manually, my grass looks green and weed free, my dogs love it and I am now stress free.

Review from Dianne about sprinkler repair for her home in Magna, Utah.Irene Dumas
Salt Lake City, UT

his company is so easy to work with. Someone always answers the phone and scheduling is easy. They do a great job on the yard and when in doubt call to be sure they are doing things your way.

Review from Ken about power raking done by Lawn Care MVP.Ken Lozier
Midvale, UT

I contacted this company late at night on Nov 23rd to get a quote for snow removal. They send me a very professional quote with a easy simple way to accept to start the service. It snowed hard that night but they were here early in the morning to snow blow my driveway / walkway and my stairs leading up to my house. Great job guys!

Happy comment from James about Lawn Care MVP.James Marker
Salt Lake City, UT

Ever since I hired their services, I have come home every week to a nicely maintained and well done lawn. Even with the current pandemic, they show up, making sure to do my lawn every week. I would highly recommend them to others.

Review from Tony about the service and price of Lawn Care MVP.Tony Wenzel
West Jordan, UT

Showed up on time. Did a great job, and did it MUCH faster than I could have done myself. Price was quite fair. I'm very happy!!!

Review from Jessie Helms for aeration for Salt Lake City, Utah.Jessie Helms
Salt Lake City, UT

Nick is very professional to work with & posses great knowledge in regards to lawns and what it takes to make your lawn look it's best!

Review from Arrow E about Lawn Care MVP's cleanup services for his home in Salt Lake City, Utah.Arrow E.
Salt Lake City, UT

The boys did a great job. I gave them my budget, told them what I felt could be done in that time period, with the money I was willing to spend, and delivered exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks again guys! My yard is exactly as I envisioned, if not better.

Nathaniel review for clean up work we did for his house in Draper Utah.Nathaniel
Draper, UT

Lawn Care MVP has done a fantastic job with our yard over the last year, and our lawn has never looked so good. They've helped us with aeration, fertilizing, bush trimming, sprinklers, bi-weekly weeding, tree removal, mulch, and weekly mowing. All pricing is fair, and paying is handled by credit card, so I don't have to worry about mailing monthly payments like I've done with previous companies. They have always answered their phone and even call us at the beginning of the year to arrange all our lawn care needs and to make sure we have no further questions. Would highly recommend.

David Lakey for his weeding job at his home in Salt Lake City.David Lakey
Salt Lake City, UT

This will be the 3rd summer we've used Lawn Care MVP, and I wouldn't use anyone else. Not only have they provided routine lawn mowing and yard maintenance, but they've also cleaned out our flowerbeds and taken an overgrown garden plot back down to usable soil. They've always worked hard and have always shown up like clockwork. They truly are a great company.

John's review of Lawn Care MVP's customer service for his mowing job.John Allison
Salt Lake City, UT

I was looking for quotes and Lawncare MVP were the only ones to return my call promptly. Every on our little HOA has been happy with their work too. Their pricing is clear and straightforward and no contracts is a huge plus! I highly recommend Lawn Care MVP.

Mark Rocco's review about our clean up services for his home in Sandy, UT.Mark Rocco
Sandy, UT

I was very pleased with the work that was done on my property. It really looks great and the price was less than I expected for the amount of work that was done. My compliments to your crew who did my work. I will definitely recommend Lawn Care MVP to my friends and family.

Review from Doris C in West Valley City, Utah about her yard cleanup we did for her.Doris C.
West Valley City, UT

I really love MVP lawn care, they do amazing work always on time. Very respectful of myself and neighbors I don't think I've ever felt so comfortable with any other lawn care service before. Plus they are super affordable and can do amazing things, I rented a bounce house for my daughters birthday and it killed my grass mvp was able to restore the life and make my yard look beautiful again. Thank you mvp lawn care I have the nicest lawn on the block. Also taking out those nasty bushes did the trick I have not had any more spiders thank you thank you thank you.

User ReviewRobert M.
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Love how my yard looks. Always fast with getting back to me and is so friendly. Won't be using anyone else.

Review from Emilee H about mulch installation at her home in Salt Lake City, Utah.Emilee H.
Salt Lake City, UT

I have been extremely happy with MVP. I went in search of a lawn care company and came across MVP about 2 months ago. Nick was so prompt in getting back to me with a very reasonable bid. He is there when he says he will be there and that makes me happy! I've had so many experiences with companies that say things that they don't follow through with. He always makes himself available for extra things that I may need as well. I highly recommend this company for all of your lawncare needs!!

Review from Matthew about his bush trimming for his house in South Jordan, UT.Matthew Davis
South Jordan, UT

This is the second time that I have had Lawn Care MVP do work on my yard and just like the first time absolutely amazing work. I really appreciate the attention to detail that the crew that I had this time gave to my yard. I would highly recommend Lawn Care MVP for your yard care needs.

Review from Dan about sprinkler startup for his house in West Valley City, Utah.Dan Bateman
West Valley City, UT

I Have used Lawn Care MVP's services at least 5 different times in the last year on both my property and now my Mother n laws. They have met or exceeded my expectations for every job i have had for them. I have, and will continue to recommend them.

Review from Sherrill about how awesom Lawn Care MVP's service was for her.Sherrill Naylor
South Jordan, UT

The BEST lawn care company ever!

Review from Admin about Lawn Care MVP's power rake service for his home in Salt Lake City, Utah.Amilee Selfridge
West Jordan, UT

Lawn care MVP gave me a very quick response when I was in need of yard care. Very friendly and professional to work with. The work done in my yard was done very well and looked great as well. I would recommend them.

Review from Admin about Lawn Care MVP's power rake service for his home in Salt Lake City, Utah.Admin A.
Salt Lake City, UT

Awesome work, very fair pricing, but more important, he does what he says he is going do and then some. What more do you want?

An anonymous review about Lawn Care MVP's service in Utah.Anonymous
Salt Lake City, UT

This is my first year having a company for lawn care and MVP has been great. I love coming home on mowing day and seeing the good work they have done mowing, edging and trimming. Very affordable rates, and I don't think I'll ever go back to doing it myself!

Rachel's review of a power rake service.Rachel S.
Taylorsville, UT

Great job!!! Thanks so much for the great work and fair pricing!! I am so happy with the work, the timeliness, and the results. I will use them again for sure!

Marks's review of a sprinkler install.Mark Rocco
Sandy, UT

I was very pleased with the work that was done on my property. It really looks great and the price was less than I expected for the amount of work that was done. My compliments to your crew who did my work. I will definitely recommend Lawn Care MVP to my friends and family.

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