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Yard Cleanups

We want you to enjoy your lawn and yard and can do just about anything when it comes to yard cleanups. Whether it be weeding, hand raking, bush or hedge trimming, debris removal, deadheading, pruning, ornamental grass cutbacks spring cleanups and fall leaf cleanups, we can help.

We bill our yard cleanups by the man hour. Every once in awhile we have some people worry that we charge by the hour. However, we feel that this is the best way to give you the best price for the actual time on the job. Other companies with flat rates have to send someone out to your property to bid and then guess how long the job will take. Also, to play it safe they may add an hour or more in case it takes longer than they guess. Since we charge you for the actual time it takes to complete your project; it saves you money in the end.

Example of a Bid vs. Hourly

A recent customer requested us to come out and blow the leaves out of their flowerbeds and yard. They had contacted another company to do the same job, and they sent someone out to look at it, and they gave them a bid for $345 to do the cleanup. They then contacted us, and we managed to blow all of the leaves out of the flowerbeds and lawn and haul them away for $100.

Blowing leaves

We use the largest backpack blowers we can find that have wind speeds up to 243 mph. Making it even faster for us to complete your Utah yard cleanups especially if the other company is using small blowers or even brooms to clean everything up.

Adding Additional Work

The other great thing about doing cleanup jobs by the hour is if something else needs to be done while we are there that was not initially discussed we can usually accommodate most requests.

Recycle and Disposal

We recycle of all your plants as green waste, but if there is material that is not green waste like sod, dirt, rocks or garbage we charge an additional fee since we will have to dispose of an entire load of garbage instead of green waste. If you have a large amount of waste that you would like us to haul off for you, we can do that also and only charge you the per ton charge that the dump charges us to dispose of this.

Example of our work

Lawn and yard leaf cleanup

Flowerbed cleanup and creation

Utah home leaf cleanup

Flowerbed and garden cleanup

See our bush and hedge trimming page for examples and information about this service.

We're here to help you spend your entire day off from work, relaxing. With our Utah yard cleanup service, you'll have a great looking yard, lawn, and flowerbeds without having to take away from what you enjoy doing. Call today and schedule your cleanup!