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Your lawn care service includes:

  • Prices starting at $33/week
  • Seasonal mowing once a week (April - October)
  • String trimming (weed eating) around lawn edges trees, posts, fencing and any other obstacles in the lawn
  • Edging with a metal blade along all concrete sidewalks, driveways and curbs
  • Blowing grass clippings from hard surfaces
  • Mulching or hauling grass clippings away as necessary
  • More mowing questions

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Over 2,400 of your neighbors already trust Lawn Care MVP.

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  • Quality Work
  • Professional & Insured
  • Easy Billing
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Customer Reviews

Review from Bryan about lawn care mvp mowing services at his home in West Jordan.

Bryan Kempff

West Jordan, UT
Every week I come home to a perfectly manicured lawn! Tried a couple other companies and this one is hand down the best! I look forward to using their other service in the fall.

Matthew Davis review for mowing services by Lawncare MVP in South Jordan, Utah.

Matthew Davis

South Jordan, UT
I had surgery on my foot and could not get out to take care of my yard and it made me sad because I feel like I keep a pretty nice yard and it looked bad. I don't remember the name of the name of the guy that came to do my yard but he did an amazing job and now my yard looks better than when I take care of it. I really appreciate the time that was taken to make my yard look great again. If I ever need a yard service again I will definitely be using Lawn Care MVP again.


Kelly Holford

Salt Lake City, UT
They have been out twice so far and we have been very pleased! We also love that they will pick up the dog poop for a small fee as well. Would for sure recommend them!

Frequently Asked Questions
+When do you start or end mowing?

When our Utah weather allows us to. We will begin our normally scheduled Mowing the first full week of April. We also usually end our regular mowing season about the last full week of October. This is just a guideline as mother nature will always be the deciding factor on when the season will begin or end. However our amazing office staff will always let you know when you can expect us to visit your property.

+What day will you be out to service my yard?

This will vary based on what area you are in. To help keep our cost down so that we can keep the price you pay as low as possible we attempt to group properties together to reduce the amount of time our trucks are driving around to different areas. Please call one of our friendly office staff to determine what day we will be in your area.

+What happens if it rains and you are not able to service my yard?

If on your service day we are unable to service your property for any reason we will notify you that we will be delayed.. This usually means the next day but if weather prevents us from being able to work for multiple days it could be possible that we will be delayed more than one day. However we will always notify you as to what you can expect should anything change.

+What areas do you service?

We currently service just about the entire Salt Lake Valley except for Suncrest and Copperton. If you have a question about if your property is in our service areas our Office Staff will be happy to help you determine that.

+Do you mulch or bag the grass?

If your lawn allows us to we will mulch the grass. If there is too much growth or to many debris resulting in a less desirable finished product we will bag the grass clippings and haul them off for you.

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