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Flower Bed Mulch

We offer our mulching service anytime throughout the year, although this service is typically scheduled for February through April. Mulching is highly recommended for our area, especially for its multiple benefits to your landscape program. The amount of mulch we apply prevents most weed seeds from germinating.

Types of Mulch and Mulch Colors

Mulch helps conserve soil moisture by preventing evaporation as well as moderating soil temperature, thus keeping roots moist and at an even temperature to keep your plants healthy. Both benefits help plants survive our extreme summer heat and unpredictable weather. It also prevents soil compaction and erosion due to weather and water extremes. Most mulches are designed to break down over the year to add carbon and nutrients to the soil below it. We apply bulk (no bags) natural shredded hardwood mulch to shrub & flower beds. As an added touch, mulched beds provide a well maintained and manicured look to your yard.

Mulch Depth

The application depth is important and your mulch amount needed is calculated into cubic feet based on a 3" depth layer for the area(s). Mulch is a necessity, particularly with our ongoing drought and increasing watering restrictions. As a proper application is necessary, we provide specific mulch training to our crew members. Remember, mulch is never placed up against trees trunks or plant stems, ever. It will cause the plant or shrub stem to rot and tree trunks to weaken eventually killing the tree.

How Much Mulch do I Need?

Use our mulch calculator to determine how much mulch you will need for your job.

Mulch Calculator


Examples of our work

Utah mulched flower bed

Utah mulch

Utah mulch yard

Flower bed with bushes trimmed, weeded, and mulch added

Mulch Cost

When considering the cost of this service, keep in mind the cost savings for lower water usage and not having to pay for weeding the bed as well as replacing stressed and dying plants. Remember mulch keeps the soil temperature from getting too hot or too cold, keeps weeds down, keeps the soil from getting compacted, holds moisture in, and prevents soil erosion. At the end of the day, it dresses up your home and gives it an instant facelift that people will notice!